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Shenoute and the women of the White Monastery
Author: Rebecca Krawiec
A study detailing the interactions between Shenoute and the nuns he is overseeing. Superb scholarship, if hampered by the author attempts to reach overarching themes regarding women in monasticism.
Female Deacons in the Byzantine Church (Academic paper)
Author: Valerie Karras
An excellent academic paper looking at female deacons and their role in the Orthodox church.
Recommended Read!
Panopolis, a Nome Capital in Egypt in the Roman and Byzantine Period; 200-600 AD (PhD dissertation)
Author: Karolien Geens
A fresh look at Roman/Byzantine Egypt beyond Alexandria. Panopolis was a thriving hub, and produced a slew of scholars and politicians who played a major role in the affairs of the Empire.
The Rise of the Monophysite Movement
Author: William HC Frend
The standard academic book examining the social historical background to this significant two hundred year period from the council of Ephesus in 431 to the expulsion of the Byzantines from the levant by the Arabs. Very well written, but outdated in several key points and terminology.
Recommended Read!
Chalcedon in Context
Author: Richard Price. Mary Whitby
The Council of Chalcedon in 451 was a defining moment in the Christological controversies that tore apart the churches of the Eastern Roman Empire in the fifth and sixth centuries, as theological division, political rivalry, and sectarian violence produced a schism that persists to this day between Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian churches. The Acts of the Councils are one of the largest collections of source materials relating to the Church of Late Antiquity and its state relations, and this book places the acts in context with the Council of Chalcedon of 451, ultimately informing historians on how to approach manifold aspects of these documents.
Recommended Read!
Ecclesiastical History. A History Of The Church
Author: Evagrius Scholasticus
A primary source account of the critical period between 431 - 594 AD from a Chalcedonian perspective.
The Syriac Chronicle Known As That of Zachariah of Mytilene
Author: Zacharias of Mytilene
A primary source of the 5th/6th Century from a non-Chalcedonian perspective.
Justin the First: An introduction to the Epoch of Justinian the Great
Author: Alexander A. Vasiliev
This book examines the rise of the Justinian dynasty starting with Justin the First with particular emphasis on the social, economic, and religious factors that shaped the reign of Justinian.
The Age of Justinian. The Circumstances of Imperial Power
Author: J. A. S. Evans
This book examines the reign of the great emperor Justinian (527-565) and his wife Theodora. The origins of the split between East and West, the wars between the Byzantine and the Persian Empire, and the social structure of sixth century Byzantium.
The Chronicle of Michael the Great, Patriarch of the Syrians
Author: Bedrosian, R (editor)
his Chronicle runs from Creation up to Michael's own times (12th Century). It uses earlier Ecclesiastical Histories now lost. It is the considered one of the largest medieval Chronicle.
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