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Constantine and the Christian Empire
Author: Charles Odahl
A substantial biography on Constantine, a fascinating account of the life and reign of the first Christian emperor of the Roman world.
Galerius and the Will of Diocletian
Author: Bill Leadbetter
Drawing from a variety of sources - literary, visual, archaeological; papyri, inscriptions and coins – the author studies the nature of Diocletian’s imperial strategy, his wars, his religious views and his abdication. The author also examines Galerius’ endeavour to take control of Diocletian’s empire, his failures and successes, against the backdrop of Constantine’s drive to power.
Religious Conversion and Onomastic Change in Early Byzantine Egypt (Academic paper)
Author: Roger S. Bagnall
A paper examining the Christianization of Egypt looking at name changes and papyri information. It concludes that Egypt was mostly Christian by the time of Diocletian.
Vision of Theophilus: The Book of the Flight of the Holy Family Into Egypt
Author: A. Mingana (translator)
This is an apocryphal story dealing with the flight of the holy family into Egypt and the life which they led in that country. The story is cast in the mould of a vision and entitled The Vision of Theophilus. This does not imply that every historical detail in the story was invented by the author, whose only task seems indeed to take the material for his narrative from local tradition and to put it in the form in which we find it before us. He made use also of some apocryphal books and of some works on ecclesiastical history with which the Egyptian scholars of his time were familiar.
Athanasius and Constantius: Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire
Author: Timothy D. Barnes
A modern, if overly critical biography of Athanasius career and writing. The author scholarship, while extensive builds on principle that we shouldn't take Athanasius own writings and narration on its face value.
The Story of the Church of Egypt
Author: E. L. Butcher
A wonderful, if forgotten (and slightly outdated) history of the Coptic Church. The author writes a narration of the events from the beginning of the Coptic church with St. Mark to colonial Egypt - where she lived and was part of that colonial regime.
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Socrates, Sozomenus: Church Histories
Author: Philip Schaff (Author), Henry Wace (Editor)
A valuable and interesting accounts of the early Christian age. Important and detailed original documents, letters, and decrees from the emperors and bishops who attended the great councils of Nicaea, Chalcedon, etc. are accessible here for students and scholars alike in a pristine and comprehensive fashion.
Festal letters of St. Athanasius
Author: Athanasius
A private collection by me - collected from various sources over the years. A good approximation is available at:
Theophilus of Alexandria and the First Origenist Controversy
Author: Krastu Banev
This work examines the involvement of archbishop Theophilus in the so-called First Origenist Controversy when the famed third-century Greek theologian Origen received, a century and a half after his death, a formal condemnation for heresy.
Theophilus of Alexandria
Author: Norman Russell
If Theophilus of Alexandria seems a minor figure today, it is because we persist in seeing him through the eyes of hostile contemporary witnesses, each of whom had his own reasons for diminishing Theophilus’ stature. In fact, he was one of the greatest bishops of the Theodosian era, who played an important role in a crucial phase of the Roman Empire’s transformation into a Christian society.
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